Where’s most convenient: clinic, home or workplace.

Do not choose

Between your priorities of available time and optimal wellness.

I heard you that:

  • Sometimes stepping out of your day for an appointment is a welcome relief, and sometimes it’s one more stress.
  • Treatments in an environment you know (your own) can afford an opportunity to relax more deeply.
  • You recognize prioritizing your Wellness is essential to being/doing your best, but it just keeps slipping off your ever-lengthening to-do list.

So I:

  • Kept all the best things about practicing in a multi-disciplinary clinic setting.
  • Re-imagined the old idea of house-call health-care to fit today’s hectic, stress-laden, jam-packed pace.
  • Figured out how to bring clinic-quality care to the doorsteps and workspaces of people throughout the GTA.

And now we:

  • Can choose an or/and solution of mobile and clinic appointments that fits your unique needs.
  • Can focus on you and your wellness priorities without the distractions.
  • Can build a care strategy that addresses how you feel and how you function in all the places that you live your life.