Because of the daily focus I have on all things related to health and wellness, I am immersed all the time in the latest and greatest holistic health news. I’m tuned-in to regular updates from the ‘big thinkers’ in brain science, nutrition, exercise, physiology, chiropractic and THINKING RIGHT.

What follows, is my attempt to share these thoughts, news updates, and concepts with you. In these posts, you will also find my personal stories, opinions and experiences.

From the beginning, I’ve built my practice on sharing my own journey. I believe wholeheartedly in the concept that ‘you can’t share what you don’t own.’ I am my own best guinea-pig as I strive to find ways to change my body and mind in a positive direction. I am constantly sharing my own journey of healing and transformation through Chiropractic and B.E.S.T. with my patients – and now I offer it here too, in the hopes it might inform and inspire people to dare to believe that CHANGE IS ONLY A DECISION AWAY.


Preserving Time

I’ve told you many times that I love playing with words because I believe they are very powerful. My brain works fairly literally; until I can pin my thoughts and dreams into words and phrases, they are skittish and a bit unsettling. As I sat this month with a blank page (ok… I’m a ‘modern […]


Keep Your Core Active

Have you ever listened to or said something for the millionth time and heard it completely differently? Of course you have. Everyone has. But why does that happen? Hmmm…. If the words weren’t any different, I’m guessing you were. This happened to me just yesterday, and voila, a blog was born! I [...]


Ease-y Breezy Summer Time

Although Mother Nature seems to be dragging her feet, the calendar says we are on the very precipice of another beautiful Canadian summer. As my test-weary children will assert, it’s a time for slowing down, mellowing out, and easing up. It’s why we look forward to this time of year. Imagine my [...]


2019’s Word

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for a while may have noticed that I skipped something this January. I skipped declaring my annual word/focus/intention – a habit that’s proved both beneficial and satisfying over the past 4 or 5 years. As 2018 counted down, and even as the new year [...]


A Season Alight

I believe we who celebrate Channukah got to kick-off the winter holiday season this year. As I write, Channukah is in it’s last few hours. There’s been much good food, lots of family, some presents and many, many candles (we let each child light their own special Channukiah, so at my house, [...]


How Will You Remember It?

3 weeks. Not long, and yet so long. The afternoon of April 23, 2018 will be remembered by Torontonians in that dreaded, ‘where were you when you first heard?’, way. A day when our city lost some of it’s innocence, when we showed the world the kind of people (kind people) we are, and a […]

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