Because of the daily focus I have on all things related to health and wellness, I am immersed all the time in the latest and greatest holistic health news. I’m tuned-in to regular updates from the ‘big thinkers’ in brain science, nutrition, exercise, physiology, chiropractic and THINKING RIGHT.

What follows, is my attempt to share these thoughts, news updates, and concepts with you. In these posts, you will also find my personal stories, opinions and experiences.

From the beginning, I’ve built my practice on sharing my own journey. I believe wholeheartedly in the concept that ‘you can’t share what you don’t own.’ I am my own best guinea-pig as I strive to find ways to change my body and mind in a positive direction. I am constantly sharing my own journey of healing and transformation through Chiropractic and B.E.S.T. with my patients – and now I offer it here too, in the hopes it might inform and inspire people to dare to believe that CHANGE IS ONLY A DECISION AWAY.


Blissful Ignorance

Today’s post is a bit off my usual course (I can hear you now, “Course? Is she ever ON course?). It is an insider’s peak at a recent conversation with my teenage son. One of those rare times when innocent dialogue quickly spun itself into an opportunity to invite him to look through my [...]


It’s Time to Stand Up!

Summer’s doing all she can to stick around (and believe me I appreciate every one of her efforts), but as the days shorten and the sweaters come out there’s a different feeling in the air. An acknowledgement that the carefree, pack-in-the-fun season is winding down and ‘school’s back in [...]


Gratitude and a Gale

A strange confluence of activities occurred in my life this past weekend. I was reading The Gratitude Diaries, by Janice Kaplan (it’s by the way – check it out if you haven’t yet!), at the same time as watching Hurricane Irma wreak havoc on Caribbean islands and Southern US states that hold not [...]


Lessons From My Little One

I’m an eldest child – to the core. A rule-following, introspective, order-loving person. Obviously, the ‘rules’ of birth-order aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of what defines us, but I will say that they hold up remarkably well within my own teeny-tiny sample set of 3 children. So, as a ‘First’, [...]


Are You Sitting Yourself to Death?

Maybe it’s because I have a teen, a pre-teen, and a getting-bigger-by-the-moment little boy who, together with their friends, demonstrate to me daily just how addicted to technology our society has become (and truth be told I’m not so far behind their over-reliance either). Maybe it’s because I [...]


A Productive Wallow

I have a confession to make – I willfully skipped last month’s blog post. I felt a little guilty but, truthfully, I just couldn’t do it. When the beginning of May rolled around, I was too self absorbed in my ‘stuff’ to feel capable of sharing, so I just… didn’t. And now, having reached a […]


Leaving, on a jet plane… I think…

Today’s blog is a story time – or a brief ‘day in the life’ if you will. Because what happened today was too good not to share (and, yes, a typo just had it as a story that was ‘too god not to share’; and it very well may be that too): Last night, I […]


A Manifesting Message from the Skies

I’m starting this month’s blog post in seat 16C on an flight bound for Copenhagen, Denmark -yay!! (despite the 8 hours ahead of me, I probably won’t finish it here because airplane seats aren’t famous for their wonderful laptop ergonomics, nor does my seatmate seem too pleased with the [...]


She Turned The World On With Her Smile

Sometimes the death of a famous person hits you with an unexpectedly large pang. That’s what happened to me at the end of last month when I heard of the passing of yet another icon of my youth – the wonderful Mary Tyler Moore. Mary held a very special place in the very small world […]


A DAY FROM H-E-double hockey sticks AND WHY I NEEDED IT

It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those days when you just need to either laugh or cry (or avoid choosing and do both). One of those days when you’ve got the anti-Midas touch and the Universe seems to have it in for you. When the most logical action would be to […]


Are You Multi-Tasking Yourself to Death?

Well not to death (that’s a bit extreme) but maybe to dis-ease… This time of year has many of us operating at a truly frenetic pace. We feel driven by end-of-year wrap-ups, and a rush to clean our slate of lingering commitments. We combine that with getting holiday ready – decorating, cooking, [...]


It’s All Good!

This week marks the 14th anniversary of the hardest/scariest day of my life. One that I expected to be among the happiest. The day my eldest son was born. Of course, I was immediately thankful for his perfect health, and quick to realize that the privilege of raising a truly special human being [...]


Exciting Things in October – Part 1

Harvest time – in nature and in ideas & plans. I didn’t plan it this way, but it feels perfectly in sync with the patterns nature provides that ideas, which started to take shape early this spring, are finally showing themselves in full maturity. October is going to be the month of letting [...]


Fall into Good Habits

As long as I live, the 2 weeks of the CNE will represent the sounding of the last fanfare of summer. I still get the hurry-up-and-cram-the-fun-stuff-in compulsion, combined with anticipation of exciting new beginnings even though now, many years past my own back-to-school experiences, nothing [...]


Lions and Tigers and Bears… but Why?

Okay… not really tigers and bears, but, I couldn’t resist the homage to a great movie…. Some of you had noticed that posts have been delayed this summer. That’s for good reason – I took time off for an awesome African Adventure – where we did go on safari and see lions, and zebras, and […]

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