Although Mother Nature seems to be dragging her feet, the calendar says we are on the very precipice of another beautiful Canadian summer. As my test-weary children will assert, it’s a time for slowing down, mellowing out, and easing up. It’s why we look forward to this time of year.

Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks ago, during a guided meditation that aimed to touch on what participants resisted most, the very concept of EASE was what I heard blaring in my silent, sub-conscious voice. ‘What?!? Ease is what I resist??’ my equally silent, thinking-mind-voice retorted (I was certainly not ready to give actual voice to this crazy idea), ‘No! Ease is what we strive for every day! It’s what everyone’s working so hard to achieve!’

Well hang on. Is it? Drat and darnation – when I took the time to put pen to paper and think it out (have you ever tried that? I find that, somehow, it’s harder to lie to yourself in writing), the evidence showed that I don’t ‘like’ ease in my life… well I like it… because it’s easy… but I sure seem to more frequently welcome the feeling of dis-ease into my life. I’d even go so far as to say I mis-trust ease when it shows up.  I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that something that comes easily my way isn’t as ‘earned’ as something that I struggled for. Things acquired or achieved easily are regarded as less valuable. I’m even apologetic when I find myself bumping into more ease than my neighbour. Or I discredit and under-value a skill that’s easy for me but challenging for someone else (ex. it’s not worth me teaching you what I know because the concept comes easily/naturally to my understanding, therefore I won’t waste your time sharing it with you). Where does that come from? Are we taught to value struggle? Does ease = complacency = less-than? Am I happy with living that way, or have I just never questioned it? Hmm…

The next logical step for my post-meditation musing was to explore what this ‘resisting ease’ was getting me. Double-drat! Avoiding ease must mean living in a condition of dis-ease.  That didn’t sound very good! Have I been doing that to myself? Is living in more ease as ease-y (see what I did there?) as removing interference to it just as we’re taught to look for and remove interferences in chiropractic??

What would living in physical ease look like? Before we learn the ‘structure’ of daily living, when we’re very young, we live by the rhythms of our bodies. We eat when we’re hungry (and as much as fills us), sleep when we’re tired, and pursue activities that entertain our minds with learning new things and/or our bodies with play. Would living more like that bring ease back into my daily life? I’m going to ‘ease’ into finding out this summer while schedules naturally slow down. I’m going to tell my body less and listen to it more – rest when tired, eat when hungry, move when inspired to, and explore when curious.

What about living in mental ease? What would that look and feel like? If I’m being truthful, my mental dis-ease game can get pretty strong. I can be a sponsoring member of the psych-yourself-out squad; with a full play-list of you-should’s, you-should not’s, what-will-they-think’s and you-raging-fool’s to list only the top few tried-and-true songs topping my chart. So this summer, I’m going to try my hand at mental ease by cutting myself some slack and turning down those tunes. Replacing the negativity will be the ultimate goal, but I’m going to start with just more quiet as a transition. Silence and breathing will be the order of the day… or should I say the tool for bringing order TO my day… I’m going to place value on a practice of meditation and breathing exercises and see how they affect my mental dis-ease.

And last, but definitely not least, what would living with more emotional ease create in my life? Given that I spend a good portion of each working day explaining how the forgotten elements of thoughts and emotions affect how we feel and how we heal, I’ve got a feeling that this one will be critical. And it’s simple – to quote Mr. Bing Crosby, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative… and don’t mess with Mr. In-Between”. I’m going to work on staying happy-er, positive-er and creative-er. That one should really feel ease-y.

That (in a nutshell) is my summer plan. Combined with work that I love, travel that I love, sun, fun and planning for a great autumn I hear by declare – IT’S SUMMER TIME, AND THE LIVING IS EASE-Y!! Get out and enjoy it and let me know what you’re doing to make 2019’s summer the best one yet.

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