Today’s blog is a story time – or a brief ‘day in the life’ if you will. Because what happened today was too good not to share (and, yes, a typo just had it as a story that was ‘too god not to share’; and it very well may be that too):

Last night, I went to bed in giddy anticipation of waking up to head to Arkansas for this year’s Masters’ B.E.S.T. weekend – a weekend of reconnection, self-development and advanced technique training that I look forward to each year. This morning, when my radio alarm went off, the very first thing I heard was that the weather forecast had changed. We were no longer going to be getting an entire month’s rainfall in just one day – we were only going to be getting ‘a lot of rain and wind’. Starting at noon. Say what?!?! How had I missed the forecast of a monsoon all day yesterday?? And guess when my flight was scheduled to leave? (If you guessed exactly at noon, you win a virtual internet brownie). “Oh yes,” said the ever-cheerful radio morning man as I came fully awake, “I see a giant weather vortex over most of the great lakes.” And guess where my flight to Arkansas connected through? (If you guessed Chicago, an equally great-lakey town, you’ve earned your second imaginary brownie). ‘Oh phooey, this should be interesting!’ was my second thought this morning.

Now here’s how I believe I set the ball in motion to change what could’ve been a disastrous day into one that was so remarkable it’s worth writing about… I got over the ‘woe-is-me’ aspect of my day REALLY quickly. And I moved on to an attitude of curiosity (I wonder how THIS will play out), expectancy (I KNOW this will fall into place) and positivity (there’s good in EVERY situation, even when I can’t see it at first glance).

As I got in the shower, I caught my conscious mind doing its negativity thing – ‘you know better than to fly through Chicago at this time of year (I’ve been caught out by weather there before)’, ‘your whole schedule is done for now’, ‘I wonder how much you’ll miss by arriving tomorrow instead’, ‘people are depending on you, and you’ll let them down (the rental car’s in my name, lol)’… Nope! Not going there! So, right there in the shower, I did a Morter March (side-note: if you don’t know how this simple exercise can reboot your neural and energetic state, you should – just ask me) of “I’m thankful and grateful for easily, safely and effortlessly getting to where I need to be for my highest and greatest benefit”. Then I asked The Universe for what I wanted “Please help me get to Arkansas on schedule, easily, and with the least resistance possible”. Then I set about doing everything just as I’d planned to before I went to bed last night.

In the car, driving the kids to school, I again felt the tension creeping in as the rain turned from mist to windshield-wiper-necessary. I asked for their help. I know how powerful leveraging can be so, as I said my goodbyes I added, ‘okay guys, let’s all think positively about mommy getting where she needs to go – and on time please’. No big hand-holding ritual, just a quick awareness sent outward by 3 people who I know have support for me in their hearts.

At the airport, with boarding pass printed and in-hand (which still said my flight was on time), I approached the first security agent and scanned in. “Wait,” she said, as she chased me a few steps into the hallway, “my screen says your flight’s been cancelled!” What! (while in the back of my monkey-mind there was a clear ‘I told you so’ rattling around) “Does it tell you what I’m supposed to do now?” “Nope, sorry… just keep going forward I guess.” I kid you not – those were her EXACT words: Sage advice from the security lady, I’d say.

So, I kept going forward – to the AirCanada customer service desk – a place where literally no one is excited to be. Only this time the half-dozen equally stranded passengers in front of me were in a remarkably good mood. I even struck up a conversation with the gentleman in front of me, who wanted to bend someone’s ear about the frustration of modern day air travel. As we inched towards the desk he complimented me on how positive I was in a ‘stressful’ situation – no matter what comment he and the lady ahead of him made, I refused to see anything but the potential that everything was going to work out, that there must be some underlying reason for the change of plans, and that it wasn’t worth expending energy on things that weren’t within my power to change. As these conversations sometimes do, this one evolved into me telling him a bit about what I do and offering him my card. And then his eyes bugged out a bit. His office is in the same building as mine! How can you not give credit to the mysteries of The Universe for lining us up right beside each other? Maybe I met a new patient, a new resource, or ‘just’ a new friend? But the magic doesn’t stop there…. I got to the front of the line and engaged a stone-faced AC agent. When he pronounced both my first and last name correctly during his call to ‘offload’ me from the second leg of my journey, I told him that I appreciated that very much (he commented that his name too is often mispronounced, we bonded, it was sweet). And wouldn’t you know it, he worked his magic (I think bent the rules a tiny bit) and got me on a flight that will get me to my destination EARLIER than my intended flight!! And he apologized for not being able to issue me any monetary compensation, but passed on 2 meal vouchers – which I happily accepted as another sign of the abundance that comes to me.

What more can I say: curiosity, expectancy and positivity; combined with some affirmations, energy synching and leveraging – it works! The view from my window-seat high above Texas proves it!

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