I said at the beginning of the year that it was my intent to make 2016 my year of Little Miracles. What it’s turning into is my year of Making Changes – and I suppose that in itself is a little miracle. I’ve made changes for my personal health – alkalizing, energizing and exercising; and this summer is going to be about making some exciting changes in my business (yes, that’s a big tease – unless you’ve seen the survey I sent out a few weeks ago – here’s a link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WBQ9R5B).

How do I know I’m on the right track with these changes? Well, evaluating the first set of changes is easy – I’m liking what I see in the mirror better, I have more sustained energy, a better mood and (surprisingly) a stronger connection to my own intuition. I am far more satisfied that I’m ‘walking-my-talk’ better than ever, and I’m ever closer to congruence with the recommendations I make to others every day.

How do I know I’m on the right track with the business growth? For one, I’m excited. There’s a lot to do, a lot of moving parts still to get propelling in the same direction, and yet I look forward to every time I get to dive back in and move things along. There is certainly drudgery to plow through, but there’s visioning too, dreaming of how it’ll feel to step into people’s lives (and my own as well) in a new way. Secondly, I’m just that little bit scared… this too factors into my way of measuring whether I’m on to something good. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve come to enjoy that feeling of ‘ooh, maybe this time I’ve actually bitten off more than I can chew’. If something comes too easily to me, then getting it isn’t nearly as satisfying.

During times like this I picture myself as 7-year-old-me, determined to conquer the monkey bars for the first time – you know, those old-school ones that looked like a yellow-chippy-painted metal ladder spread between two log rafts (back in the day before playgrounds became truly ‘kid safe’). Six-year-old me had been pressured to try these bars and had been hoisted up only to hang inert, completely unable to will myself to do anything including let go, until gravity won out and I tearily fell to the ground. Seven- year-old me felt that the challenge of those bars had been hanging over me un-met. Seven-year-old me decided to embrace the anxiousness in my stomach and meet the challenge on my own terms. Seven-year-old me hung from that first bar with a, ‘now what have I gone and done?’ feeling, took a steadying breath and coaxed one hand to release as my legs pumped forward. And 7-year-old me was probably more surprised than anyone when that free hand connected with the bar next in line. Satisfaction! Eight-year-old me regularly swung through those bars 2 at a time, and hung from them upside down by my knees – but nothing ever felt quite so good, rewarding and satisfying as that first forward movement.

That same ‘am I really doing this’ feeling is what I have now. It started with, do I dare speak my dream out loud? Because there are people in my life (bless them) that once they hear it are going to hold me accountable to it. Then came, am I really the best person to take this on? What if it’s not received the way I thought? Shockingly to me, some self-work revealed that I had a fear of success – what if I get my dream? Then I’m going to have to dream bigger next (and won’t that be even more scary?)

I share these thoughts not to make an example of my own dream, but because I imagine all of our dreams have common barriers to their reaching fruition. These past few months have been, for me, the start of a coming-to-terms with The Big Fear – AM I WORTHY? Worthy of success, worthy of daring to dream, worthy of the love of the people who want to support my dreams… I’m working on believing my YES and I’m hoping that you are too. Now, to live subconsciously in the vibration of success, I wish I could find some of those old monkey bars. To have that acid, metal smell embedded in the callouses of my hands, and to know that to move forward sometimes you have to first loosen your grip on where you’ve already been. HERE’S TO MOVING FORWARD!

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