In my last blog, I claimed 2016 as my year of Little Miracles. It felt right; it got the little butterflies in my stomach doing their happy dance, it felt good to speak aloud here and in my real-life circles, it had the ring of a possibility and the resonance of achievability. Great. Done. Little Miracles here I come… Um… Now what….

Well, first of all, let’s define Little Miracles (I said to myself) because if I don’t know what I’m looking for, how am I ever going to know when I’ve found it (a little editorial note – I think this is a commonly missed step in our ever-more-rushed lives: We chase headlong after our goals without pausing to identify exactly where we’re trying to go. It’s more than okay to course correct. It’s a waste of time to sprint higgledy piggledy hoping to trip over your destination).

I’m all about the way things FEEL. My long time goal has been to steer my life in the direction of things that make me feel good, and hopefully contribute to those around me feeling good too. Goal #1 – My Little Miracles should make me feel REALLY GOOD. Miracles should also have a sense of wonder and excitement about them – there’s predicted outcomes and then there’s something AMAZING. Goal #2 – My Little Miracles should be accompanied by that heart-trill of gratitude you get when the Universe goes ‘above and beyond’.  My miracles will also be worth sharing. If it’s true (and of course it is) that what you think about you bring about, I want to be recognizing and re-telling my miracles all year. This facet of my campaign of Little Miracles is actually what got my brain-wheels spinning at the end of last year. It started with a conversation about the fact that we don’t necessarily need to manufacture more miracles. We need to recognize the ones we already get more. And once we see and celebrate those, we’ll be primed to receive and recognize ever bigger ones. Heck yes I’m willing to be the guinea-pig for that experiment! Bring them on!! Goal #3 – My Little Miracles should be cause for celebration, and the celebration should cause self-perpetuation of recognizing and celebrating more of the same.

Well that seems like a direction worthy of setting out in for 2016 (I said to myself). Now how do I start the ball rolling? Well, how about, “out with the old, in with the new”? If I want all these new and wonderful Little Miracles in my life, maybe I better show the Universe I’m serious by making room for them.

Making room for physical miracles: I’ve ‘let myself go’ – particularly over the last year. I just wasn’t feeling comfortable in my body anymore, and was starting to feel like I was dishonouring my ‘full-potential me’ by favouring convenience food over quality food, and lethargy over action. Synchronicity or Universal Intelligence provided an opportunity for me to step up/step into a change shortly after the New Year. I’ve joined some BEST colleagues in a 45-day Challenge to change my diet, my weight and my Beliefs. It is going great and I look forward to sharing results and shifts in upcoming posts.

Making room for ‘mind’ miracles: This one’s embarrassing to admit. I’ve allowed myself to become an addict. A distraction addict. I fill empty space between activities and at the end of the day with YouTube and Facebook, and Netflix. I’ve succumbed to the hype that we need to be always connected, always available, always on-line. Now I’m making a conscious commitment to going offline. To leaving space in my life – space for dreaming, space for just being. Stay tuned for more about that too.

Making room for energetic miracles: Along with changes in body and mind, it’s time to do some tidying of beliefs and mindset. If I want to attract great things, I’ll need to be vibrating at a ‘great things’ level. Those of you who read last month’s blog (thank you all!) know that my heart took some hits last year. As a result of that I had a bit of an “Eeyore complex” going on – a bit of a case of the woe-is-me’s. Been there. Done that. Recognized the lessons. And now making a DECISION to pack it up, and clear space for all the light to shine back in.

So far, the changes I’m seeing have been amazing. Even in just taking the very first few steps. I’m getting a head-start on spring cleaning – this time of myself and my habits. And I’m making room for great things to come… stay tuned…

What is on your internal spring cleaning list? What areas of your life have you put on auto-pilot that you’d like to resume control of? What types of things would you like to make room for in your life? Could you use some support in doing that?

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