I’m starting this month’s blog post in seat 16C on an flight bound for Copenhagen, Denmark -yay!! (despite the 8 hours ahead of me, I probably won’t finish it here because airplane seats aren’t famous for their wonderful laptop ergonomics, nor does my seatmate seem too pleased with the clickity-clicking ?). But when inspiration hits, I’ve learnt to seize the moment – and just now I’m inspired to share my take on a topic that’s become increasingly near-and-dear to my heart as I’ve embraced, acknowledged and developed its power in my life. The topic of MANIFESTING!

If I do say so myself – I’ve become a pretty good manifest-er. But then, I’d argue that everyone reading this blog (and everyone who’s not – yet) is too. I haven’t learnt a new skill of late, I’ve just acknowledged a natural phenomenon and started using it intentionally, while so many people I see out and about haven’t yet. I see it along the same lines as that old (frustratingly true) saying, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” People who don’t think they can resonate with ‘the Universe’ (substitute here whichever word you use for the ‘bigger than me’ concept – deity, nature, whatever) in a way that calls into reality that which they desire are – in fact – powerful manifesters of proof of their lack of that ability. So, as with all things in this arena, my attitude is; why not give it a try and see what you get? What I’ve gotten are a series of things that fall into my lap in inexplicable ways – could these be serendipitous accidents? Yep, they could, but just like the placebo effect in healthcare – as long as it’s working in my favour, I’ll take it. And just like the placebo effect, research is starting to shed light on the idea that it’s more than just accidental.

Before we get too much farther, let me tell you why this plane ride (which is leading to some work for my husband and some R&R for me) reminded me to celebrate manifesting….

I’ve always had travel at the tippy-top of my ‘Things that Make Me Happy’ list (a purposely-created mental list which I’d recommend everyone have). As a child, we did virtually none. But I made up for lost time from my middle teens on – seeing Israel, several parts of the USSR (yes I know it dates me, but that’s what it was when I went), Finland, England, Scotland, France and many US cities by my early 20s. Then ‘adult life’ (read: kids, careers, responsibilities) caused me to forget much of my Happy List – or rather (for the purpose of this post I’ll acknowledge), my belief that ‘responsible adults’ set aside their Happy List for the ‘growth phase’ of their lives caused me to manifest ‘seriousness opportunities’ rather than ‘fun opportunities’ into my life’s itinerary.

Until I began to allow myself to start dreaming again. Then my professional practice took an unexpected fork-in-the-road. I started learning a treatment technique that, to dive into as deeply as I felt compelled to, ‘mandated’ I travel up to 6 times per year for course work and professional/personal development. Shortly thereafter, my husband took on opportunities that had him being invited to foreign conferences – which I tag along on as often as possible! But it gets better… last summer I was thinking to myself that I’d gotten used to the status-quo pace of travel, and that I was ready for the opportunity for more. Dreaming of where I might go ‘when the opportunity presented itself’ was fun, so I indulged in it. Where might I revisit? What new things might I want to experience? I let my mind play, I pictured the foods and the beaches, and the tours (yes, I’m a nerdy traveler – I like the historical tours) … and then I let all that fly out of my head as quickly as it came in (it’s important to note that there was no planning of logistics, I didn’t even tell anyone that my thoughts had trended this way). Wouldn’t you know it – ‘The Universe’ was dialed into my thoughts. It was only weeks later when my husband, in recognition for his dedicated work, was presented with a new opportunity that had him transitioning from one international conference/year to at least three! And you better believe I’m going to continue my efforts to tag along as often as possible! It wasn’t even MY direct opportunity that fulfilled my manifesting ‘wish’! But here I am on my way to Copenhagen with thanks and gratitude in my heart.

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