I’ve told you many times that I love playing with words because I believe they are very powerful. My brain works fairly literally; until I can pin my thoughts and dreams into words and phrases, they are skittish and a bit unsettling. As I sat this month with a blank page (ok… I’m a ‘modern girl’… a blank screen) in front of me I knew the generality of what I wanted to tell you regarding what I’ve been up to this month– the things I’ve been exploring and creating – but I couldn’t see the thread that was going to tie it all together. And then I started to play with words.

I thought of telling you the exciting news that a website renovation of www.drblumberg.ca is almost done. As I worked on it a re-focus occurred (or, more correctly, a re-claiming of the natural shifts my practice has undergone since I last revamped its digital presence). Then a word, a pretty strange one for explaining my niche within chiropractic and wellness, flitted to the forefront of my mind – juggler. That summed up what I do for most of the day, and what the people I serve are perpetually doing. With a smile (mostly) on our faces we juggle all the roles we claim – worker, parent, partner, home-god(ess), community-member, friend… And as our juggling routine becomes more intricate, we often have to prioritize. Too often I notice the competition in myself and my patients between the priorities of Personal Wellness and Available Time. When these 2 clash, a juggling-ball often gets dropped. And since time feels like a more immediate necessity, the priority of wellness falls away. As someone who cares deeply for those I work with, watching that happen sparked a ‘no more!’ attitude, which led to my Mostly Mobile practice that is now a centerpiece of my new website. I’m excited to show it to early in 2020!

Then I thought of sharing a major self-care ‘moment’ that I took for myself this month. It was an achievement because; it was much more than a moment (it was an entire loooonnnngg day), it was a $ splurge, it was a bit outside my comfort zone (a bit more of a ‘spectacle’ than I experience on any other Wednesday) and it was indulgently just for me (hey, sometimes I’m a bit of a -do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do’er when it comes to self-treats). Just before Halloween, I (and 100’s of my ‘closest friends’)  immersed myself in a Tony Robbins et al. self-help/self-care extravaganza! I took the time to fill myself back up on good-vibes, good-messages and good-goals. I’m excited to share more about what I got from the day in the coming days and weeks. Did I have the time to spare when patients could’ve been seen, my husband was on a business trip, the kids had uber-activities on the go, and… well laundry probably could’ve been done… no, probably not. Am I super glad I let other balls drop that day to recharge my batteries? You bet. (and you know what? Those balls bounced and I picked them right back up the very next day and juggled a little faster because I had the energy to do so.)

So, what word did I come up with to tie all the experiences of the last few weeks together? What word-smith magic was first on my blank screen? I thought about the concept of ‘making time’… nah… making something from nothing can be stressful and us jugglers are already bordering on too stressed. What about ‘finding time’? That one reminded me too much of the concept of avoiding the phrase, ‘I’m losing weight’. The theory is that your mind hears ‘losing’ something as a problem that needs fixing, and so you subject yourself to the yo-yo of continually losing and finding the same 10 or 20 lbs as you consciously struggle to lose it/ subconsciously struggle to find it over and over again. I don’t want to introduce any up/down nonsense into my time equation, so that wasn’t it. Then the word with the proper resonance popped up as this month’s ‘common thread’. This month I’ve been toying with the experience of PRESERVING time. A mostly mobile practice allows those with little time to preserve it for what’s important – getting and staying well – because they can do so efficiently with minimal ‘stepping out’ of their finely balanced juggling routine. And my own self-care allowed me to ‘pre-serve’ my ‘me’ time. Rather than waiting until critical emptiness, I pre-filling my tank of good vibes/thoughts/motivation before it was depleted (and don’t we all run low on ‘me’ time through the holiday season) so I can keep sailing smoothly right along.

It takes a little planning in an already packed life to figure out what you truly need and find creative ways to make it happen – whether your ’empty’ and need to rescue yourself or whether you’re stocking up on resources for an inevitable ‘rainy day’. It’s like the proverb says, ‘the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago (pre-serving), but the 2nd best time is today (preserving)’. You’re worth it! It can be done! And I’m here to stand beside you as figure it out.

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