If January is a ‘clean-slate’ time of year – when we get to make promises (especially to ourselves) about starting over, re-creating and imagining anew, then March, feels like the time to ‘Spring’ into committed action. I wonder…who first thought of calling this time of year Spring? Were they thinking of the new plant growth lying just under the still-hard earth, gathering energy to burst forth? Was it in response to watching little baby animals bounce around celebrating the wonder of coming into this new world? Did they live in a cold climate like we do, and feel that energy of needing to burst out of a self-imposed winter hunker-down? Whatever the reason, I can’t think of a more perfect name for the way I’m feeling about this time of year and this particular year specifically. Anyone else feeling it too?

I commented in January that I long ago gave up on New Year’s resolutions because they made me feel defeated. I knew that, like the vaaaast majority of people, I’d almost always abandon them before the calendar flipped to February. For me the energy of the season just wasn’t in my favor regarding major life upgrades – it was definitely a make-plans time, but it was dark and slow and an ‘inside’ time. Not the best time (for me) to naturally and easily commit to massive action steps. But by March the energy is changing. I can see the light (literally) more. March is wind-me-up-and-let-me-spin time. It’s ‘in like a lion’ time and I’m ready to do that long, full-body cat stretch and start to roar. I’m a big believer in going with the natural flow of things and now’s a time when my flow is building momentum.

So what am I doing to capitalize on this time? Well a bunch of things (oooh – there’s a good word that popped out of my typing fingers – I feel like I’m gathering all these things up like a flower bunch – putting them all together into something that’s turning out even more beautifully because of the collection I’m amassing). I’m following my own adapted version of the Miracle Morning (have you read the book and joined the movement yet?) which has me getting up early for a quiet ritual of dreaming and doing to start my day in a high energy way. I’m networking more – not just to grow connections that will grow my business, but to immerse myself in a collective of people who are excited to be doing their own special thing. I’m exploring the Toastmasters world because it mandates that I stretch waaaayy outside my comfort zone to gain new skills and have fun doing it. I’m being kinder to myself, building self-care and hobbies into my weekly schedule. Speaking of which, I’ve got a schedule now – putting all the to-dos that were swirling around in my head onto paper has made a huge difference in having room for other things. I’m protecting my energy – tuning into the people and events that ‘fill my tank’ and the ones that do the opposite – it’s not exclusionary to choose where I put my time and focus, it’s protective of my growth.

All these things together are just winding my spring tighter, conserving and amplifying the potential power that’s getting ready to catapult me forward. Watch out world – spring is on the horizon!

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