As a chiropractor I’ve spent literally years watching and studying  the ability of the body to heal itself. Time and again, I’ve seen miracles happen following a simple procedure that takes pressure off a nerve allowing it to either stop reporting pain to the brain, or start governing function more appropriately. But what’s going on for those patients who don’t respond to treatment in the expected way? Dr. MT Morter, founder of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), asked the same question and came up with an intriguing answer.

He concluded that these patients’ nervous systems weren’t getting down to the work of fixing the current problem because they’d gotten caught-up in trying to resolve something perceived as higher priority. This higher priority was often an unresolved, powerful emotional memory that the mind actively worked to resolve long after the threat or situation was over. And worse yet, the situation often had no workable solution – so the brain essentially got stuck spinning its wheels in a mental rut  – wasting energy and getting nowhere .  We have a lifetime of these memories –  our ‘baggage’ – our ‘stuff’ – that we carry around in our subconscious mind and that affect our day-to-day living.  I liken it to a computer that has too many open files running – processing is slow and inefficient because energy is being spread to too many open processes. If we can close and organize these emotional files (to carry on with the computer metaphor we’d essentially be de-fragging our hard-drive), we can focus on the task at hand and have the resources to easily accomplish our goal –  in most cases to feel better now.

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