At this time, regulated health professionals, including chiropractors, may continue to care for patients as normal. As we’re all getting used to, there are specific precautions that we all must follow to keep one another, and our community, safe. For your information, I’ve detailed the precautions I’ve implemented below:


For those of you who are used to having your appointments in-clinic, my hours at Dynamic remain the same (Tuesday 8-1, Thursday 1-7). The automated booking system will send you a reminder 24 hours before your visit asking you to reschedule your appointment (or contact me directly) if you have any symptoms or contact with Covid-suspected people/environments. At this time I’ve suspended the late-cancellation penalty for visits cancelled in these circumstances.

Please review the specific precautions listed below for in-home safety, as these will be implemented within my space within DHC as well.


For those of you who have been taking advantage of mobile visits over the past several years, or those who’d like to use that option in the short term or going forward, please know that I have also implemented practices to keep us all as safe as possible. The Ministry of Health (in their May 26, 2020 Health Sector Restart directive) encourages health care providers to, “…seek opportunities to modify the delivery of services… includ[ing] the use of services that reduce time spent in health care settings, use of virtual care… [and] home care…” So we’re right on target!

Wherever you choose to receive care, know that I’ve consulted the recommendations of the Ministry and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario and have instituted the following safety precautions. As recommendation are adapted I will keep you updated.

Active Screening

We are asked to screen all patients twice – prior to your appointment and at the time of your appointment. You will receive a set of screening questions the day before your appointment. Please respond as promptly as possible so that I know we’re on track for your appointment.

I am suspending the policy of fees charged for last minute cancellations – if you aren’t feeling well, please be completely honest to help us curtail any risks.
*At this time I will only be seeing patients who screen-negative on the questionnaire.


Since hands-on-treatment by definition negates the 2-metre safety precaution we’ve all grown accustomed to; best-practice is for the doctor and patient to both wear face masks that cover nose and mouth. I will wear a new single-use mask for every interaction and will also provide clean masks for patients who don’t have one available.


The advice of our regulators is that ‘Single use gloves may be used but are not required for most chiropractic services’. I am not making them part of my standard protocol, but will have them available and will gladly use them upon request.

Similarly, the current advice is that ‘eye protection and gowns are unlikely to be required for chiropractic offices’. I will not be making these part of my standard protocol, however additional cleaning and separation of work and home clothing will be utilized.


Hand hygiene (in my case during mobile treatment by means of high-content alcohol hand-sanitizer) remains the most effective way of preventing the transmission of infections. I commit to washing before and after each patient interaction and/or before and after sanitizing any equipment used on-site. I ask that all patients also hand-wash before and after our interactions for at least 20 seconds.

Sanitizing all Hard Surfaces

Any hard surface that comes in contact with a patient (treatment table, credit card processing machine etc.) will be sanitized with an approved cleaning agent before and after each use.

Use of Patient’s Own Towel/Sheet

I’ve heard of some doctors/patients draping treatment tables with the patient’s own towel or sheet (so they’re in contact with their own ‘stuff’). If this gives you an added level of comfort, I welcome you to do this in addition to all the other protocols we’ll use.

Minimizing Paperwork

To limit potential spread, any transfer of physical materials such as paperwork will be kept to a minimum. Contactless payment will be utilized as much as possible and receipts will be emailed unless requested otherwise.

Physical Distancing

I love to meet and interact with all members of your household (pets included!) During this time, I will need ‘social distancing boundaries’ (2-metres) with anyone I won’t be treating.

Contact Tracing

All health care practitioners have been asked to keep track of names, dates, phone-numbers of all the patients they see. I will do so unless you express to me that you’d like your name omitted. The tracking will only be used for this sole purpose as requested by the Ministry. I ask that you notify me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if at any time you test positive or are presumed positive for Covid-19.

It is completely natural to have some anxiety about many things during these pandemic-times – including returning to chiropractic/wellness care. I am doing my absolute best to be responsive to latest recommendations, and to create/maintain a safe environment for us all. I truly believe that in-home care offers unique opportunities for us as a team (myself and patients) to create and control a care environment that limits risk to each other, our families, and our community.

If you have any questions about the protocols I’ve put in place or how they apply to you, please send me a note at now or at any time moving forward.