The very first tenet I learnt in Chiropractic College is still the one I base all my work on:

“The Power that Made the body Heals the Body”

There is an un-named/multi-named power that governs all of life’s cycles. The never-ending rhythm of seed-to-bud-to-flower-to-seed and of cell-to-embryo-to-baby-to-adult also regulates (from millisecond to millisecond) the function of every cell, system and organ of our bodies.  Nothing applied to or removed from nature’s system can ever do a better job of maintenance than this fully-functioning self-regulating system.

My mission is to support, guide and empower each patient on their unique journey to re-establishing their fundamental connection to the Power within themselves.

As interference is removed from the system, the connection between the brain and the physical body (and between the mind and personal purpose), strengthens. A system free of interference is, by definition, free of symptoms that interference causes. It is prepared to handle new stresses efficiently and primed to fulfill its potential.