There are a million questions that can be asked, especially ABOUT something as serious as your health and wellbeing and FOR something as personal as allowing a practitioner to lay their hands on you to help bring about change.

One of my favourite aspects of my job is the role of teacher and coach. I am truly fascinated by what I do on a daily basis and love to share (or some might say overshare) what I know and what I’m learning. Out of so many questions, I’ve tried to answer here the 10 most common, if I’ve left out yours, please let me know:


1. How did this happen?

There are 3 common causes of the interference we see in the body (often referred to in the chiropractic world as subluxation): Trauma, Toxins and Thought. Trauma can be either major (a car accident, a slip-and-fall etc.) or minor (the repetitive stress of repeated activity or improper bio-mechanics). Toxins refer to all the less-than-ideal substances we put in our body by eating them, breathing them or absorbing them. And thought is the stress we put on our system by our prevailing emotions and beliefs (and just plain old stress). Separately and together, immediately or over time, these 3 components affect how our internal system functions and relates to the outside world. When we’ve exhausted the body’s ability to manage these stresses, symptoms appear – sometimes through one catastrophic event and sometimes when the ‘final straw’ falls on the pile.

2. What do I do?

Congratulations, looking for information is the first step! Then comes deciding to take action. Book an appointment so that we can discuss the concerns you’re having now and the changes you’d like to see happen. But you’re responsibility doesn’t end there – if care is appropriate for you, we will decide on a plan together. To see the best results, you will need to be committed to keeping your appointments, doing your ‘homework’ and probably making some changes around the 6 main lifestyle essentials – what you eat and drink, how you exercise and rest, how you breathe and what you think.

3. What do you do?

I believe a really great doctor is part teacher, part coach and part facilitator. I know that healing comes from inside-out, and that the body can do truly miraculous things once interference and resistance is removed. We will decide together whether your course to health involves Diversified Chiropractic care (to manually restore proper movement and alignment of the spine) or B.E.S.T. (to remove the blocks that are causing your nervous system to focus on past physical and mental trauma rather than present need) or a combination of both. It will then be my job to provide treatment, coaching and advice to support you on your journey to the improved life you envision for yourself.

4. How long will it take?

I wish I had a simple answer to this question that everyone asks. The truth is that it varies, and we often can’t determine how your care is going to progress until we start. Many people notice a change right away, and I can give you some ideas about what to look for. Some people need to go through a series of visits before they get the results they were looking for. Often, the speed of results depends on your commitment to ‘doing the work’ and making supportive changes when you’re not in the office.

5. Will I need to keep coming?

Again, this question depends on what you’re goals are. Once many people find out how good they feel with care, they decide they want continued care to be part of their lifestyle. Some people simply say they choose a lifetime of care to deal with a lifetime of stress.

6. How much will it cost? What about my insurance?

Our office will be happy to discuss fees with you. A chiropractic receipt is available as services are rendered and can be submitted to your third party health insurance provider for reimbursement according to your plan. Remember that most plans cover chiropractic care in an amount in line with an ‘urgent care’ situation. Don’t let a company that focuses on the ‘bottom line’ determine the value of your most precious possession – your health and wellbeing.

7. Do most patients see you because they’re in pain?

Diversified chiropractic care and Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique are both very effective at dealing with physical pain. Many of my patients, however, start care with no particular physical concern; they just want to feel even better than they do, or address other stressful conditions in their lives. I am happy to discuss with you the differences and benefits between crisis care, corrective care and wellness care.

8. Is chiropractic care safe?

I used to always answer this question by telling patients that I had my firstborn adjusted at 3 weeks of age (neck too), and that I only waited that long because I didn’t feel physically capable of getting him into my chiropractor’s office any sooner. Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic is completely safe. And the beauty of it is that it doesn’t have to be applied in the same way to every patient; adaptations can be made in response to clinical concerns or patient comfort. Don’t let apprehension stand in the way of your seeking care. Let’s discuss your concerns and find a way to approach your care that will put your mind, as well as your body, at ease.

9. Tell me about your education

After completing a B.Sc. degree at the University of Toronto, I moved on to the Doctor of Chiropractic program at CMCC. This intense program of study focuses on core sciences, with a heavy focus on neurology, anatomy and diagnosis as well as a rigorous, supervised clinical internship. At the completion of my studies I sat for both Canadian and American board exams. While in school I undertook extra-curricular studies in technique, philosophy and maternal/pediatric care. After formal schooling was complete, I’ve maintained a busy schedule of continuing education. Most recently I’ve been absorbed in studying all things B.E.S.T. Having completed all the requirements to become a Master B.E.S.T. practitioner, I am thrilled to be giving back to their study program by coaching at training programs locally and in the U.S.

10. What is that technique you do again?

Yah, I get this one a lot. And I get even more, “I tried to explain what you do for me to my wife/brother/friend and couldn’t get it across.” My short answer is that I help people awaken their optimum potential in health, wealth and relationships. My long answer can be found throughout this website, particularly under the headings Mission Statement and Types of Care. If you’d like to find out even more, my virtual (and literal) door is always open… if there’s a way I can be of service, or a question I can answer, please be in touch.