I am passionate about being an Educator for my community (be it one person at a time,  a staff/friend group, or a large gatherings). I know 2 things: 1 – knowledge is power (there’s nothing worse than feeling helpless), and 2 – knowing inspires (and is a precursor) to doing better. And I want everyone I meet to powerfully do better!

While I’ve spent (and spend) a lot of time staying informed about latest theories and techniques to achieve multi-faceted wellbeing, I never want my audience to feel ‘lectured to’.

I seek to keep my messages inspiring, my suggestions practical, and my presentations fun.

Some of the feedback I’ve gotten from past Education Program participants shows that they came away with such wonderful realizations as:

  • the way I feel today is a direct result of the habits I had yesterday (time for a change!)
  • thoughts are things – they affect both how I feel and how I function
  • postural health is declining at the speed of technolgical growth (it’s not too late to make changes in the way we interact with the world for postural resilience)
  • there are 3 causes of interference on the body’s information superhighway (and they all start with ‘T’)

Eduation about topics of Workplace Wellness, Health and Wellbeing, and Brain/Body balance doesn’t have to be boring – but it does have to get out into the world… And I’d be honoured if you’d join me in helping it along the way. Get in touch and let’s start to make a change!

Omg….this session was amazing! Alisa is very knowledgeable and all she said made perfect sense! Thank you! I think all of us in the room could sense [that you love what you do]… Thank you for all that valuable information. I am so excited to start eating to live my best!

Game Changing Information + Action Steps to Implement Immediately

Topics could include:

  • Understanding the Core Belief that Health Is In Your
  • Hands
  • Find Ways to Make Pain Unnecessary
  • The Function of Stress & How to Leave It Behind
  • Control Your 6 Essential Life Choices
  • Positive Posture in the Workplace
  • or a Topic relevant to You