I started my Mostly Mobile practice several years ago to focus on bringing clinic-quality care to the doorsteps/workspaces of people in and around the Greater Toronto Area (but just “Mostly”, I’m still in clinic for traditional appointments several hours each week).

But why Mostly Mobile?… To help the jugglers!

I got frustrated with being a ‘juggler’ and watching the struggle of jugglers around me. I don’t mean the effortless circus act. I mean the often un-graceful, stress-inducing, repetitious effort of keeping loving care of all the ‘balls’ in the air daily – home, work, community… children, parents, spouse…schedules, deadlines, obligations… and (often lastly) self. With everything that needs to be done in a day there are 2 things jugglers (me included) often run short of – TIME and a feeling of WELLBEING (quite literally being/feeling well).

The Big Idea

Those 2 things, I became quite adamant, should never need to be traded one-for-the-other.

No one should ever feel they don’t have TIME to be WELL!

And voila – a Mostly Mobile practice was born. I wanted so badly for wellness to be accessible to everyone looking for it that I decided I’d come to you. The result? A practice where I can be conveniently available to patients wherever they’d prefer; in clinic, at work, or at home.

Thank you so much for introducing your new “mobile healing” model. Without you being able to come to me right now, it’s not likely I’d be able to receive any treatments for a long time and would end up missing out on what I need most — opportunities for healing, alignment and support during this critical time in my recovery.

I am committed to making sure everyone who wants it has access to both… even if it means bringing care to them!