Trace Minerals®

Over 70 trace minerals in concentrated colloidal suspension providing all the essential minerals from an organic plant source. They aid the body in optimal function of energy, nutrition and tissue healing.

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This 100% barley juice concentrate is the basic Alka·Green™ product. Recommended as the best overall body alkalizer, it is grown under organic conditions, contains no chemical fertilizer, insecticides, or pesticides. It is not diluted, so it provides the maximum concentration of the naturally chelated colloidal alkaline minerals so vital to health. Do not be fooled by other barley products which may be diluted up to 40% by Maltodextrin and brown rice which means they may be 40% less effective than Alka·Green™ in alkalizing the body.

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This supplement is designed to reduce stress in the body and aid digestion. The body’s pancreatic enzymes are designed as a “clean-up” system, and Alka·Pan™ is used to supplement the functioning of an exhausted system.

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Super Digest®

Super Digest Morter Supplement Natural Digestive is made from a digestive enzyme derived from plants. This product works to replace enzymes destroyed by cooking. SuperDigest™ contains seven plant digestive enzymes, including Lactase, which helps in the digestion of milk and dairy products. These enzymes aid in the stomach’s digestive process and may help to acidify an acid- deficient stomach. This formula represents the ultimate in enzyme science!

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A revolution in dietary supplementation, Alka-Slim® is the only health-enhancing product specifically designed to alkalize and energize while supporting weight control, all at the same time!

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Important Disclaimer

This list is a compilation of products I’ve found to support my own wellbeing and that of my patients. There are lots of wonderful products and companies out there – these are just the ones I’ve had personal experience with.

No product here is recommended without discussing your specific and individual needs & concerns. Please contact me to discuss best solutions for you at your next visit.