Chiropractic (with Mostly Mobile option)

I want Wellness to be accessible to everyone – so much so that I’ll even bring it to you!

Mostly Mobile care means that you get the same high-quality, focused, and personalized care whether you choose to receive it in clinic, or in your space (home or workplace).

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Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

BEST is a treatment modality that might be new to you, but one that often resonates once explained.

As we learn more about the mind-body connection, we acknowledge the concept of Interference that we create with our conscious minds. Worry, guilt, fear, judgment and a myriad of other emotions can impede the body’s ability to maintain and heal itself properly.

BEST treatment, which is gentle and hands-on, addresses imbalances of the autonomic nervous system (the system of fight/flight/fright vs. resting/restoring) and the underlying source of mind-body exhaustion that results from stored stresses and future worries.

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I believe whole-heartedly that knowledge is power and that it’s time we use it to empower ourselves to be Active Participants in our own wellness journey rather than passive recipients of top-down care.

Working WITH me to pursue your health goals means you’re in the driver’s seat with me as enthusiastic co-pilot. There’ll be lots of opportunities for one-to-one learning (exercise, diet, relaxation, mindset just to name a few of my favorite topics) as well as invitations to access group sessions.

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Postural Ergonomics

The average Canadian spends 69% of their waking hours sitting, and around 11 hours/day interacting with a screen. Coupled with information-overload and a persistent undercurrent of stress, these loads are more than our bodies are built to handle.

We fatigue, we ache, and, eventually, we just break down.

Postural Ergonomics offers a 4-component evaluation and recommendation model that focuses on person-first solutions to stay healthy and function optimally while you do what you do.

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