The research is clear…

  1. On-site chiropractic care lowers utilization of health care services while improving musculoskeletal function.
  2. In the next 6 months, half of Canadians will experience low back pain and, over the next year, 11% will have neck pain with reduced mobility.
  3. Absenteeism was decreased vs. national averages in employees receiving on-site, wellness oriented care.
  4. Sitting = the new smoking. Prolonged sitting increases risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death. Even among people who exercise regularly.


of a population reporting back pain said their symptoms led to reduced productivity at work

… Helping people feel and function better at work is a win-win solution

It is my mission to be your partner on the wellness journey from feeling stuck in frustrating illnesses and work stresses to:

  • identifying the root-cause of discomfort and making symptoms unnecessary
  • exploring treatment modalities that will propel you towards healthy living goals
  • evaluate all those conditions through the lens of Postural Ergo nomics and find brain-based, body-first solutions.

Omg….this session was amazing! Alisa is very knowledgeable and all she said made perfect sense! Thank you! I think all of us in the room could sense [that you love what you do]… Thank you for all that valuable information. I am so excited to start eating to live my best!

Find out how on-site wellness can be customized for your office.

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On-site care just makes sense: it saves time

  1. Literally; appointments set up steps from any workspace minimizes workflow disruption.
  2. Figuratively; recipients who FEEL and FUNCTION better are able to focus on achieving more.

Today’s dynamic, multi-faceted workplace needs a dynamic, multifaceted wellness solution:


  • Gentle, targeted treatments
  • Addressing physical and mind-body causes
  • Personal goals = primary concern
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  • Engaging & easy to understand
  • Tips that really make a difference
  • Focused on where you are and where you want to be
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  • Assessing the person before the tools
  • Solutions customized to unique situations
  • Brain and body based recommendations
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